Our monthly newsletter packed full of information about ultralight aviation! Hirth vs Rotax. Chuck Scrivner to an ultralight pilot. Scrivner gave a recommendation for the pilot to consider a Hirth engine. I responded that I felt the Rotax was a better choice. Scrivner then responded with the following.

Which of course I responded to, unfortunately when using the reply message board, I do not have access to a word processor, to correct spelling etc. Since there are issues here that should be dealt with I have decided to do a page on my site at www. So here goes. Chuck Scrivner Hirth provides 1 year warranty Rotax gives 6 months.

A:Has anyone ever tried to get warranty out of Hirth? The last time I tried contacting what was suppose to the North American distributor he was no longer in business. Then I tried to contact the U.

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The factory replied that at that time they did not recognize any North American distributor, would not honor any warranty claims or honor deposits taken for engines by anyone in North America. This was also written up in the U. Aviator published by Jim Campbell. Rotax hr. A:My reply was that I haven't seen a Hirth engine with 1, hrs on it. That all the ones I have worked on to date have either seized up or broken crankshafts in less than hours.

So the question is what difference does it make if someone says they can do something - prove it! To state blindly that no Hirth engine has ever gone more than hrs stretches credibility. You asked for specifics - here are some specific instances gleamed from another website, that is independent from me and has nothing to gain.

Rotax versus Hirth Two-place builders almost invariably put a of some vintage on their birds. But more and more, you'll spot C-2's and C-2S's sporting that square little Hirth. Now, Hirth claims a TBO of hours, a built-in starter, and more power-to-weight on their than Rotax can put out. On the negative side, there's the cost, fewer maintenance centers, and the usual horror stories about "them damn Hirths siezin' up when ya mount 'em upside-down".

Personally, I know two pilots who made unscheduled landings which were directly attributable to their powerplants. My engine has about 50 hours at present. I had a bad bearing which failed at seven hours. I've seen the Hirth quit several times on the Challenger and Hornet.

The North American dealers in Canada do not provide good post-sale support. Danny is very good with all types of two-cycle engines. Also, Seneca Aircraft U. Hirth dealer is very helpful. We have a little over 80 hours on it and have not had any problems.

I don't know if this means a lot as most info has been made available to Hirth owners. If we get into the hour range with no problems, I will be real pleased after hearing all of the 'bad' news. We are getting ready to put a set of Puddlejumpers on for next spring, and we are running the short re-drive. I'd like to find a tall re-drive from one of those that gave up on their Hirth.From the very first day we put our eyes on the Can-Am Renegade we knew the woods racing community would never be the same.

It seems like forever ago, but back on May 6, we had the opportunity to take a few photos and actually ride the newest product from Bombardier. It had fiberglass fenders and was a complete one-off production of what Bombardier was intending on building. Powering the Can-Am Renegade Xxc is a cc Rotax V-twin that produces 89 hp with electronic fuel injection.

This new product was the Renegade. At that very same meeting the powers that be in the Valcourt, Canada, office announced they were drifting back to their racing roots and the name Can-Am would live again. Fast-forward to today and we now have several versions of the Renegade by Can-Am and we recently had a chance to grab the bars once again on the Renegade Xxc built for cross-country racing or true woods raging!

This liquid-cooled machine produces 89 hp with electronic fuel injection. The V-twin is very smooth at idle but power delivery is strong from the bottom and comes on hard mid-throttle and up.

The Rotax twin has no trouble lifting the front of the Renegade. Rotax is a very reputable brand and makes reliable power that will be perfect for someone who wishes to race but needs an engine that lasts. This engine platform has proven itself many times over with championship trophies. Our Renegade is dressed in complete triple blackness with many very purpose-built options including Fox 1.

These shocks have been developed to not only be optimal right out of the box but, for someone looking to get right to the track, they are easy to adjust. Although the shocks are infinitely adjustable, it would be very nice to have a knob instead of the flathead screw slot for the clicker.

More power than a 582

Most hard trail riders will never use the complete adjustability of the shock, but rider weight and speed can bring these machines to their limits in really bad terrain. Other package components include aluminum skid plates that dress the bottom of the suspension arms and the center or belly of this machine.

Keeping the ground debris at bay is the goal and preventing damage to any lower engine or driveline components is crucial to any trail racer. Blowing the wheels off with a squeeze of the throttle is inevitable but the ITP radial does grip the trail very well in most conditions and some light mud.

The inch beadlock hangs onto the tire and adds extra insurance for that woods racer. Whether you like to drift the corners of the trail and ride hard with your friends the Can-Am Renegade fits the bill.

Rotax 670 in a 701?

In short, the Renegade Xxc of has an incredibly menacing look and the power to back it up. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us facebook twitter instagram rss. More Stories.Started by herman pahls29 May Posted 29 May I need more engine than the offers for my model 2 now that I am dragging 29" Airstreaks around.

I am still working on a fuel injected 2 stroke, but the machinist I had working on the adapter plate figured out what I was doing and he dropped the project like a hot rock. I am looking for another machinist to make the adapter plate for my "airboat" project now. I am not sure if you could make a shorter mount for the to minimize the nose weight. You could take the lead out of the tail and put the battery back there too so your not adding dead weight to the plane.

I was told the was spose to be better on the fuel burn than the because it was just kind of "loafing" along and not really working hard. I really hope to get my project working soon, but it seems to take alot longer to develope than originally thought. Posted 30 May Posted 30 May edited. Leni, there was a guy near Nikiski, that made a complete Hi-Vo chain redrive for David Goode - David had it on a boat, before he got his Airdale. If you could locate him, or if I can find his name and address, I'm sure you would have no problem getting him to make an adapter for you, if he is still in business.

Will a detailed hand drawing work, or is an auto cad file better for you? If auto cad, what version should I save the file as? We have a CNC plasma table here at work and I have to save the files to acad in order for it to recognize the file.

I have this drawn up and can put in the additional measurements for the bolt hole spacing, or I can have one of the guys do the cad file for you.

rotax rick reviews

Posted 31 May Do you have material? Years ago some one in Utah or Idaho said that he powered his model 1 Kitfox with a and had to add some tail weight.Spyders are undeniably easier for beginners to ride than motorcycles.

First, 3-wheelers support themselves at a stop. Second, operating them is initially more intuitive than a motorcycle. Also, in some states, California being a prime example, no special license is required to operate them on a public roadway. However, there was one area that put a major barrier to entry — price.

To appeal to a wider group of prospective riders, Can-Am needed a way to ease the entry into the market. Can-Am created three versions of the Ryker. Since Can-Am only brought the cc Rykers to the intro, my review will focus on it. Can-Am claims the cranks out 77 hp. To make the Ryker easier to ride — even easier than the 6-speed semi-automatic fit to the Spyder line — a CVT handles getting the power from the engine to the rear wheel.

The ride-by-wire throttle still twists, but the CVT has taken care of the clutch lever. On the left side of the engine, well above the peg, a lever for switching between forward and reverse is easy to operate, once you get the knack for its awkward position and arc of adjustment.

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Located on the left side of the engine, this foot-operated lever shifts the transmission between forward and reverse. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a three-point turn very quickly. The handlebar adjusts simply by lifting the lever and sliding the bar forward or aft over its approximately 2-inch range, then lowering the lever back down to its locked position. This process is so easy that a rider could have two preferred bar positions, one for the city and another for extended highway stints.

The pegs can be adjusted over roughly 12 inches of range in a similarly easy method. Just lift the peg, slide the mount to the desired location, and lower the peg back down into its locked position. Very clever and convenient. If the CVT is the biggest functional break between the Ryker and the Spyder, the single-sided swingarm with its internal shaft drive is the biggest visual change. How Can-Am was able to fit a seemingly pricy feature in such a price-point directed vehicle is beyond me, but it radically changes the look of the back end of the Ryker.

Similarly, the use of a single nut to retain each of the three wheels gives a premium feel. A single-sided swingarm and a solo nut retaining the wheel in a price-point vehicle? Can-Am has given the Ryker a bargain price without a cheap appearance. To get the Ryker under way, the rider merely twists the throttle.Bombardier first produced the Outlander ATV in late as a model, with the first cc Rotax engine. Each and every year since, this company has been building incredible machines and is continually surprising us all.

Climbing up or down the rocky faces of the Queest Mountain trails, the Can-Am Outlander XT gave us the comfort and confidence to conquer it all. Starting with something that is near and dear to all of our hearts we realized that Can-Am was serious about getting anyone wanting to ride a Can-Am ATV on one.

It is unclear just how it does this, but with adding features and new suspension designs Can-Am says it is dedicated to the future of the off-road industry. It did not take long to find a trail to ride in the mountains around Malakwa, and with our Outlander XT ready to rip we found our way out of the shop. The brisk morning air was like dessert before dinner to the Rotax engine. Winding our way up into the hills of Queest Mountain the available power was only limited by the dust clouds from the riders out front.

The elevation there is just under 6, feet at the top and there was very little noticeable power loss. As expected, the Outlander XT was very comfortable with its large plush seat and full floors.

The low yet grippy footpegs held our boots in place and the space for a driver was spread out well even for a larger rider. With a full tank of gas and clear skies ahead we knew It was going to be a great morning. As we made our way up through the mountain roads, they slowly became trails, narrowing all the way up the mountain side.

The water breaks cut in the trail also began to get wider as well as deeper and were cut at an angle across the trails, so the pace most definitely slowed a bit.

Can-Am has also completely redesigned the suspension of these ATVs giving a seemingly better and more refined ride.

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The extra width does plant the machine a bit more and the wide, arched arms spread the ground clearance out so you have more use of the 11 inches. The new front sway bar also seems to help manage the front end in hard cornering. As the trees began to close in and the trails narrowed we hit some wet areas, mostly creek or drainage crossings. The big floors kept the mud at bay and the new over-fenders, included on all Outlander models, helped out tremendously.

rotax rick reviews

This is another feature added forat the lower price point, mind you. The factory sets the power steering at Medium, but we have found that Maximum is our preferred selection. The electronic power steering was most noticeable in the heavy rock gardens closer to the top of Queest Mountain. Our Outlander XT pushed through tough terrain with confidence and the predictability made these sections very fun.

Much simpler than wrestling a non-EPS machine. This differential seems to work as it should and we had no issues climbing everything in our path. Well, except for a very large, wet downed tree.

Itu-t rec. e.165 (11/88) timetable for coordinated

Slow rocky and steep mountain climbs proved the Tri-Mode Dynamic Power steering was working flawlessly. View the discussion thread.

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Leading the charge into the mountains the Outlander XT made a great impression on us. More Stories.With low-operating costs, leading class power to weight ratio, well known reliability, it is no surprise that Rotax aircraft engines are the first choice of more than aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

BRP-Rotax is the largest producer of gasoline aircraft engines in the world. During the last 40 years BRP-Rotax has invested in continuous design and development of Rotax aircraft engines. The sought-after German aviation aerokurier magazine Awards are presented every year in several categories at a special ceremony at the Aero expo in Friedrichshafen.

REVIEW: Walther Rotex Rotek RM8 R8 - 8 Shot Air Rifle - Review

Gunskirchen, Februar 18, — At the Aero in Friedrichshafen BRP-Rotax is presenting an anniversary edition for the th anniversary of the company that is celebrated inwhich is available as a limited edition. Beyond that are also shown latest technologies for more ease of Service- and Maintenance work in the future. Gunskirchen, January 31, — BRP-Rotax and the company Lycon Engineering AB look back on a very succesful partnership of 35 years in the field of Rotax 2-stroke and 4-stroke aircraft engines.

The cooperation will terminate by the end of January and the sales territory will be splitted to 2 longtime partners. Gunskirchen, Austria, September 03rd, — Perfect weather conditions and an exciting program awaited the guests of the Rotax Fly-In at the Aerodrome Wels from August 30th — September 01st, Pilots were flying into Wels not only from Austria but also from the neighbor countries France, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany and enjoyed a relaxed weekend amongst like-minded.

Following please find a short schedule and description of the event. The event offers a casual weekend at the airfield Wels in Upper Austria among numerous flight enthusiasts from all over Europe. A program with exciting activities and catering is planned. We are looking forward to welcoming you! During these Tech Talks the attendees will gain fascinating insights into the world of Rotax aircraft engines. The model, which boasts a high cruising speed of knots, a VNE of knots, and a useful load of more than pounds, is being reintroduced to the Americas, reported Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA.

Oshkosh, U. The annual award recognizes the exceptional performance of its three best aircraft distributors. Congratulations to:. During these special trainings the attendees will gain fascinating insights into the world of Rotax aircraft engines. Even though currently frozen in a few feet of snow and lots of ice, the folks at SeaBear Aircraft in Samara Russia are excited to report the arrival of two brand spanking new horsepower Rotax iS engines.

Congratulations to the winners of the annual award program. BRP-Rotax informed about the latest development steps on the Rotax iS, a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder turbocharged aircraft engine with intercooler and redundant fuel injection system during the press conference at the AERO Friedrichshafen, the largest trade show for general aviation in Europe. Last year, BRP and its Rotax brand celebrated 40 years of Rotax aircraft engines and launched a contest that ended on December 31, to find the oldest certified Rotax aircraft engine in operation.

With companies from around the world and 30, visitors the AERO Friedrichshafen took place from April Who would have thought that in less than 8 years, an engine revolution will take place at Rotax. For decades, hardly anything happened on the engine sector, but then it went straightaway.

The result, the Rotax iS. The Sling TSi, like its predecessors, has reeived criticacl acclaim for its capabilities, effortless handling and all-round functionality.

rotax rick reviews

Full article by Dan Johnson. More time in the air.This engine has never been used. So I don't need the which is sitting on the bench. Rick does good work. It has always performed flawlessly and I trust it very much. Shipping would be extra. Please call if you are interested. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions.

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